Parking Instructions for Motorcycles and Classic Cars:

  • Please park in empty existing parking spaces first and then in the center lanes only (either side of the double yellow line). Do not park in the middle of the street until Broad Street and all side streets are closed.
  • The 400 block is reserved for food vendors so please do not park between 4th and 5th Streets on Broad.
  • No parking in the outside lanes as these must remain open for emergency vehicles.
  • An emergency lane must be kept open on all numbered streets (2nd – 6th Streets).
  • No parking in areas or parking spaces that contain traffic cones.
  • Broad Street closes at 4:30 pm on First Friday and the festivities officially begin at 6:00 pm. Please plan to park on Broad Street between 4:30 and 6:00 pm. In order to protect spectators, we ask that you do not leave before the event is over at 9:00.
  • As First Friday grows, there may be changes in parking arrangements. Please be flexible and understanding of any changes.