Thank you for considering downtown Gadsden for your business location! It is an attractive, vibrant place to conduct business, and gives your business instant identification within the heart of the community. Whether you have already made the decision to locate downtown or are still exploring your options, there are several things you need to know about establishing a business in Gadsden. Here is a list of some currently available properties in downtown.

Zoning Approval

Contact the Planning Department to verify that your business is permitted at the desired location since zoning approval is required prior to receiving a business license. Note that some zoning permits may require a conditional use permit. Since there is no guarantee that a use permit will be approved, it is recommended that your lease contract be contingent upon approval of such permits.

For more information about zoning approval, call the Planning Department at (256)549-4525.

Business License

A business license is required for all businesses based in Gadsden or doing business in the city.
For more information about business licenses, call the City of Gadsden Revenue Department at (256)549-4557.

Tenant Improvements

The Building Department is your source for information on obtaining building permits for tenant improvements including installation of special equipment and renovations.

For more information about tenant improvements, call the City of Gadsden Building Department at (256)549-4528.


Gadsden’s Municipal Code regulates temporary and permanent signage. Downtown Gadsden Inc., in particular, has specific sign design standards for the B-4 Historic District, so contact the Planning Department prior to the purchase or installation of signs. For more information about signage, call the City of Gadsden Planning Department at (256)549-4520.