First Choice Personnel

First Choice Personnel, Inc. is locally owned and operated. We are proud to provide jobs for many of our residents, but also to help employers throughout the region with their staffing needs. We recruit candidates and maintain a wide range of qualified applicants to satisfy any job assignment. We go to great lengths to recruit, evaluate, and place employees who can help your company operate more efficiently and profitably.

Our employees can fill a variety of roles in your business such as full time employment, seasonal work loads, vacation, maternity leave, sickness, special projects, and employee absences.

Mission Statement

“Let it be known the Mission Statement of First Choice Personnel, Inc. is to help every person who desires work to find a job that not only feeds the family but also the soul. We are dedicated to the hope of education and hold in high esteem the privileges it affords. Daily we give thanks to God for our customers and the business relationships that have helped to foster the successes of our dreams. We believe in honesty and the truthfulness without which we can not earn the respect of our fellow man. Our vision is not confined to this day but of the promise of what shall one day be.” – Bonnie Stinson.

Contact Information

Bonnie Stinson
225 Broad Street
Gadsden, AL 35901