Patterson Handcrafted Guitars

We build custom handcrafted guitars.We perform all types of service and repair work including anything from a basic string change and polish to a complete restoration.

We currently build only a limited number of guitars per year focusing on custom build quality rather than producing a large number of guitars.

Our goal is to handcraft the most beautiful and best-playing electric guitars this side of the Delta!

We work with each and every customer one on one through every aspect of the guitar making process.

“I do feel privileged to have been given the skills and the opportunity to make these beautiful instruments.

Building guitars is where my passion to create and being a musician collide. Throughout the building process I strive to make guitars of the highest quality, both aesthetically and tonally.

I believe when people see, feel, and hear a Patterson Handcrafted Guitar, the love for what I do will be apparent, culminating in a beautifully handcrafted instrument.

I want my guitars to be around long after I’m gone.”

Owner/Builder, Jamey Patterson

Contact Information

Jamey Patterson
106 South 6th Street
Gadsden, Alabama 35901