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About this event:

Created by mary

gad*a*bout (noun); 1) a person who moves about restlessly or aimlessly, especially from one social activity to another. 2) a person who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure.

Now that you know the definiton of gadabout, why don’t you take the time to be a gadabout in downtown Gadsden! On May 13, we will have artists on the sidewalks just in time for that perfect gift for Mothers’ Day!

Our local shops and boutiques will be open and you can enjoy delicious food and beverages in our restaurants and bars. Be a gadabout and support your local economy!

Are you an artist interested in participating?  You can contact our office at 256-547-8696 or email to request an application.  The deadline to apply is Monday, April 24th.

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